Board of Directors


Chair - Rodney Braxton
Vice Chair - J. Cullens
Secretary - Jim Brandt
Treasurer - Janet Olson
Mary Kay Carleton
Luke "Joe" Coussan
Bob Mann
Robyn Merrick
Rodd Naquin
Lance Porter
Dustin Puryear
Jenee Slocum
Mary Ann Sternberg
Cyril Vetter
Stafford Wood

2016 Meeting Schedule
January 29 - Finance Committee Meeting
February 3
March 23
June 29
September 28
October 26 - WRKF Annual Meeting
December 7

Except where noted, regular meetings of the WRKF Board of Directors are held at 5:00pm at Southern Strategy Group, 543 Spanish Town Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70802.