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Biking the South

Jan 8, 2016
Frank Barnett, WRKF

For most people, travel is all about getting to your destination as fast as you can. But, for two New Yorkers, it’s about seeing every place along the way.

Frank Barnett

The neighborhood of Gardere has had a reputation in the past for being an area of high crime and violence. But a few are trying to unite the area by drawing attention to victims of violence through the celebration of the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.


   How do you make an omelette? Abbeville's recipe was given by the emcee of the Giant Omelette Celebration, Kathy Richard: "We have 5,031 eggs—one egg for every year of the giant omelette celebration, so this year it’s 5,031. We have 50 pounds of onions, 75 bell peppers, four gallons of onion tops, two gallons of parsley, one half-gallon of milk, fifty-two gallons of butter [...] three boxes of salt, two boxes of black pepper, and later on we’ll be adding Louisiana and only Louisiana crawfish tails!"

Nicholas Martino /

The band Jetlagger has been together for a little over a year and members Jonathan Loubiere (guitar), Johnny McAndrew (guitar), Ryan Roullard (bass), and Josh Nee (drums) say they fit right in with the mix of other local Baton Rouge bands in the area. In fact, for them it's not a competition; they just want to make music.

Seeing a New City in a Blank Wall

Oct 23, 2015
Case Duckworth / WRKF News

The Walls Project is a Baton Rouge nonprofit that’s been painting about ten murals a year since 2012. Most of their artists’ work is downtown, though they’ve started expanding to Mid City and North Baton Rouge. Starting this month, they’ll offer biking and walking tours of their murals.