Judith Sylvester http://wrkf.org en MONDAY: LSU MassCom Prof. Judith Sylvester; Financial Adviser Ameen Walker; James Dean Claitor http://wrkf.org/post/monday-lsu-masscom-prof-judith-sylvester-financial-adviser-ameen-walker-james-dean-claitor <p>LSU Mass Communication Professor Dr. Judith Sylvester talks about the new tobacco-free campus at LSU; a policy she had been working on for the university for the past fourteen years.</p><p>Owner and Founder of First Financial of Baton Rouge, LLC&nbsp;Ameen&nbsp;Walker, talks with Jim about BP's recent decision to ask the Supreme Court to review Deep Water Horizon settlements. Ameen's company has filed over 500 BP oil spill claims since the Deep Water Horizon oil spill.</p><p>Also, musician James Dean Claitor&nbsp;talks about his latest album as well as what it's like being the brother of Dan Claitor.</p><p></p><p> Mon, 26 May 2014 15:05:34 +0000 Jim Engster 27123 at http://wrkf.org Jim Talks With Baseball Great Denny McLain http://wrkf.org/post/jim-talks-baseball-great-denny-mclain <p>Despite the current LSU campus policy requiring people to smoke 25 ft. away from the entrance to any building, LSU MassCom professor Dr. Judith Sylvester discusses her efforts at working to make LSU's campus completely tobacco and smoke free.</p><p>Baseball great and the last pitcher to win 30 games in a season, Denny McLain joins the show to discuss life, Baseball, Pepsi drinking, and steroids.</p><p> Mon, 08 Oct 2012 23:48:04 +0000 Jim Engster 7040 at http://wrkf.org