constitutional amendments en Tax Rebate Proposals May Move to Odd Years <p>State Sen. Dan Claitor wants to add tax rebates to the list of matters that can only be considered in odd-numbered years, when the constitution mandates lawmakers take up fiscal issues. Generally, even-numbered years are reserved for non-fiscal deliberations. The constitutional amendment would require two-thirds approval in the legislature and a vote of the people.<br><br>Tax exclusions, exemptions, deductions, credits, and refunds are already limited to fiscal years.</p><p> Wed, 06 Feb 2013 22:06:57 +0000 Kelly Connelly 5834 at Tax Rebate Proposals May Move to Odd Years Ballot Amendment would Restrict Medicaid Fund Use <p>The first of nine constitutional amendments on the ballot in Louisiana would prevent the legislature from raiding the state’s Medicaid Trust Fund to balance the budget. But LSU Political Scientist Robert Hogan says it could also hamstring the budgeting process if Louisiana’s demographics shift.&nbsp; Mon, 05 Nov 2012 21:58:00 +0000 Lisa Lovello 1818 at