What is HD Radio™ technology?

Have you wished you could get the same clarity of sound from your radio as you do from your CD? Now you can. HD Radio™ technology is destined to revolutionize the radio industry. Approved by the FCC as the digital broadcast system for the radio industry, the noise and interference that cause the static, hiss, pops and fades heard on today's analog radios will be virtually eliminated with HD Radio™ digital broadcasting. In addition to crystal clear reception, HD Radio™ technology will enhance sound fidelity. You will be able to hear WRKF in its purest, clearest, digital form.

What else does HD Radio™ technology do?

Right now, it also creates the ability to divide the digital bandwidth into multiple audio streams, without significant loss of audio quality.

How can I hear WRKF's broadcast in HD Radio™ Technology?

To hear WRKF in its purest digital form, you will need an HD Radio™ receiver for either your car or home audio system. HD is on the same dial position, 89.3, as FM. Once tuned to 89.3, your HD receiver will automatically lock on to the HD signal. 

Where can I find an affordable HD receiver?

Best Buy offers an Insignia CD Boombox with HD radio for just under $100.