Roux Radio 9/25

Sep 25, 2015

This week on Roux Radio, Mike the Tiger, barriers to employment in Louisiana, and James Carville on the 2015 gubernatorial election.   

Katie Barnett

In 2000, an LSU engineering professor named Kevin Kelly got an idea – to build compact, efficient heat exchangers that would help engines perform better. Today Kevin's company, Mezzo, is the world's leading company in micro tube heat exchanger technology. As Kevin tells Stephanie, "It's not difficult to be number one if you're the only one doing it." 

A Man and His Tiger

Sep 25, 2015
Frank Barnett, WRKF

The big question about LSU’s Mike the Tiger lately has been: "Will he ever go to another football game?" Personally, I've always wondered: "What does he do all day?"

Tonight, the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra welcomes pianist Jonathan Biss as it opens its concert season with some Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. WRKF's Adam Vos sat down with musical director Timothy Muffitt to talk about the music.

Dr. Jessica Kemp is Vice President for Policy and Advocacy at the Center for Planning Excellence. She authored CPEX's report on "disconnected workers," which explores barriers to economic development statewide, and particularly in the nine-parish Capitol region.