Frank Barnett

Morning Edition Host

Frank is a native Houstonian. He relocated to Baton Rouge to attend LSU where he earned a communications degree. After working in the film industry for three years as a production assistant, he decided to make the switch to radio and could not be happier with his decision.

After getting his start at WRKF as an intern in 2013, Frank is now a member of the WRKF news team.

He enjoys reading (especially Stephen King and Ray Bradburry), fishing, and of course, watching movies.

Frank Barnett

The neighborhood of Gardere has had a reputation in the past for being an area of high crime and violence. But a few are trying to unite the area by drawing attention to victims of violence through the celebration of the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

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The band Jetlagger has been together for a little over a year and members Jonathan Loubiere (guitar), Johnny McAndrew (guitar), Ryan Roullard (bass), and Josh Nee (drums) say they fit right in with the mix of other local Baton Rouge bands in the area. In fact, for them it's not a competition; they just want to make music.

Dr. Jake Esselstyn and Dr. Kevin Rowe

Most people tend to avoid rats like the plague, but not so for Dr. Jake Esselstyn and his colleague Dr. Kevin Rowe. They not only pursue rats in the wild - they're discovering new species.

A Man and His Tiger

Sep 25, 2015
Frank Barnett, WRKF

The big question about LSU’s Mike the Tiger lately has been: "Will he ever go to another football game?" Personally, I've always wondered: "What does he do all day?"

Frank Barnett, WRKF

Driving down Capitol Heights in Mid-City a few weeks back, I saw a sign in front of a house. It was...a colorful sign, to say the least, and what it said intrigued me: "Live Music - Friday - 6:30 to 8:30." I decided to check it out, and what I found was not what I expected.

“It’s a neighborhood event,"  said David Henson, leader of the Adult Music Club of Baton Rouge. "It’s not really like a music venue, like a club show or anything like that where there’s going to be a crowd of rowdy people, or anything like that; but I do like (it) – this is a pretty good little house.”