Jim Engster


Every weekday Jim engages listeners with compelling discussions ranging from presidential and gubernatorial campaigns to LSU football and the aftermath of disasters like Hurricane Isaac.

Jim serves as president of the Louisiana Radio Network and Tiger Rag Magazine. He's hosted the statewide offering Louisiana Live from 1998-2003 and The Jim Engster Show on the Louisiana Radio Network, previously on WRKF.

In a career spanning more than three decades, Jim has interviewed nine Louisiana governors and has reported on every gubernatorial election since 1975. He has also shared the microphone with leaders of other states including Bill Clinton of Arkansas, Jerry Brown of California and Jesse Ventura of Minnesota.

Writers Ernest Gaines, Rex Reed and Immaculee’ Ilabagiza and two actresses who spent much of their youth in the Baton Rouge area---Debbie Allen and Lynn Whitfield -- are some of Jim’s favorite interviewees.

Ways to Connect

Hurricane Harvey

Florida Public Radio Emergency Network meteorologist Jeff Huffman talks about today's expectations on the path of damage from Hurricane Harvey.

Jeff Palermo and Jim Engster

Jim Engster takes a few moments to talk with Jeff Palermo about what is now Tropical Storm Harvey, converse about LSU sports and the displaced football game coming up this weekend that was supposed to take place in now-flooded Houston, and even touch on boxing and the notable televised fight that took place over the weekend.

Susan Colton is a retired high school principal from Florida. She says many critical areas of thought are ignored in the public school system.

Stephen Handwerk, Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party, talks about his party's struggle to stay relevant in a red state. Gov. John Bel Edwards is the only Democrat elected to a statewide office in Louisiana.

Gary Lewis, the celebrated singer of the 1960s and son of entertainer Jerry Lewis, remembers his father in an interview taped in April of this year. Jerry Lewis died Sunday in Las Vegas at 91 after a 70-year career in show business.

Poet Donney Rose of Baton Rouge, the subject of criticism from U.S. Senator John Kennedy, talks about the BRAVE funding that allocated $7,500 for him to teach the joys of poetry to kids in the inner city.

Former LSU football star Mike Leonard was recently featured in a David Brooks column in the New York Times. Leonard discusses his conversion from successful Shreveport dentist to coordinator for Community Renewal, one of the nation's most impressive community building groups.

NPR music critic Ann Powers talks about her book, "Good Booty." She explores how popular music became America's primary erotic art form, starting in 19th Century New Orleans.

State Rep. C. Denise Marcelle of Baton Rouge talks about divisions in the city, the state, and in the nation. Marcelle is asking President Donald Trump to tone down his rhetoric as hostilities heighten in the aftermath of last week’s tragedy in Charlottesville.

Maria Ahn of the Ahn Trio, an internationally known classical music trio, talks about the enduring career of the sisters and their appearances in Louisiana.