Jim Engster


Every weekday Jim engages listeners with compelling discussions ranging from presidential and gubernatorial campaigns to LSU football and the aftermath of disasters like Hurricane Isaac.

Jim serves as president of the Louisiana Radio Network and Tiger Rag Magazine. He's hosted the statewide offering Louisiana Live from 1998-2003 and The Jim Engster Show on the Louisiana Radio Network, previously on WRKF.

In a career spanning more than three decades, Jim has interviewed nine Louisiana governors and has reported on every gubernatorial election since 1975. He has also shared the microphone with leaders of other states including Bill Clinton of Arkansas, Jerry Brown of California and Jesse Ventura of Minnesota.

Writers Ernest Gaines, Rex Reed and Immaculee’ Ilabagiza and two actresses who spent much of their youth in the Baton Rouge area---Debbie Allen and Lynn Whitfield -- are some of Jim’s favorite interviewees.

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Activist Keon Preston comments on the mood of the African-American community in light of the Justice Department announcement of its findings in the Alton Sterling case.


Former prosecutor Prem Burns reviews the options available to Attorney General Jeff Landry, who now is in charge of the investigation of officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II in relation to Alton Sterling's shooting death.

Gary Chambers is a blogger with The Rouge Collection. He discusses the reaction Alton Sterling's family after Wednesday's announcement of the decision by the U.S. Justice Department not to press federal charges against two police officers in the death of Sterling last July at the Triple S Food Mart.

Reverend Raymond Jetson

Former lawmaker turned pastor Raymond Jetson comments on the anticipated U.S. Justice Department decision in the Alton Sterling case. Reverend Jetson heads Star Hill Baptist Church, one of the community's largest churches. His church is three blocks from the Triple S Food Mart where Sterling was killed last July. Reports are at this time that the Justice Department has decided not to prosecute two officers, Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake, for federal civil rights violations for their involvement in Sterling's shooting death.

State Rep. Ted James
Amy Jeffries

State Rep. Ted James of Baton Rouge weighs in on the Alton Sterling decision. He also addresses the friction at the state legislature as the House battles budget issues in week four of the regular session.

Tara Wicker
East Baton Rouge City/Parish

East Baton Rouge Councilwoman Tara Wicker assesses the mood in the minority community ahead of the rumored potential decision from the U.S. Department of Justice on the Alton Sterling case. She addresses concerns that violence may erupt in reaction to a decision not to bring charges in the case against the officer who shot Sterling last July, even though much of the community remains hopeful of a peaceful reaction.

Don Cazayoux in 2008
U.S. Congress

Former U.S. Attorney and ex-Congressman Don Cazayoux comments on the Alton Sterling case. He explains how the Justice Department reviews evidence and renders a decision in cases such as the one agains the officer who shot Sterling.


Music legend Herb Alpert talks to us about how he received a big break from New Orleans icon Al Hirt as well as his first appearance at the Jazz and Heritage Festival.

George Morris

George Morris is a feature writer for The Advocate and was a long-time sports writer there. We touch on the general demise of newspapers and remember a time when Baton Rouge had two thriving newspapers.


The Chicago Tribune's Rick Kogan on the 20th anniversary of the death of Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Mike Royko. Royko died two decades ago in the late 1990s; we're talking with Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune today about Royko, his death, and his legacy.