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Sue Lincoln is a veteran reporter in the political arena. Her radio experience began in the early ’80s, in “the other L-A” — Los Angeles.

Since her transplantation to Louisiana 25 years ago, she has covered the state, the capital, and its colorful cast of characters for Louisiana Radio Network, LPB and the Southern Education Desk.

Now she’s focusing her experience and expertise on producing WRKF’s Capitol Access.

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Apr 19, 2016
Rex Fortenberry

As week five of the 11-week legislative session began, the Capitol was a hive of activity. Governor John Bel Edwards testified about Medicaid expansion in the Senate Health committee.

“In the first year alone, expansion’s going to save the state more than 180-million dollars,” the governor said.

Sue Lincoln

“One thing about budget strife is it gets a lot more folks to the table, thinking a little bit more outside the box than we’ve ever thought before,” says House Speaker Taylor Barras.

But is Barras going to broker a solution or encourage continued strife?  A panel discussion put on by the Public Affairs Research Council last Friday last week gave some insight into the Speaker, and the conflicts between his House and the John Bel Edwards administration.

The first seed has yet to be planted, but state lawmakers are –- figuratively — tilling the fields to prepare for medical marijuana.

In the House Agriculture committee Thursday, Rayville Rep. Bubba Chaney questioned Ag Commissioner Mike Strain on where LSU and Southern Ag centers stand on starting production, in light of the state budget cutbacks.

“The facility build-out, the cost of that, is that going to be borne by the universities themselves, or the state?” Chaney asked. “What’s the opportunity there for a public private partnership?”

This afternoon, Louisiana’s full Senate considers the Equal Pay Act, which seeks a way to close the gender pay gap. Louisiana women earn — on average -- 65 cents for every dollar Louisiana men earn.

“We know we’re not doing something right, if we’re on the bottom – 51 out of 50 states and Washington, D.C.,” says Julie Schwam Harris with the Legislative Agenda for Women. “If we’re not making progress, we know that the law that currently exists is not adequate for us.”

Louisiana’s gender pay gap has been growing about a penny per year lately.

Sue Lincoln

The big deal of the week is the unveiling of the administration’s new version of the fiscal year 2017 budget proposal.

“Make no mistake: the budget presentation on Tuesday is going to be very sobering,” Governor John Bel Edwards says.