Susan Hidalgo-Smith


Susan has long been part of the WRKF family. Having been indoctrinated in public broadcasting as on-air talent for membership campaigns at LPB, WRKF asked her to be the development director at the radio station. She went on to serve as WRKF's underwriting manager for 12 years and then the special events director for another three. Susan, part of a family of doctors, can't help but be fascinated with medicine and health. Out of that fascination came the award-winning "Conversations in Medicine”. 


Conversations in Medicine
10:57 am
Thu March 14, 2013

Physicians Explore Alternative Approaches to Alzheimer's Care

Physicians treating patients with Alzheimer's are exploring new approaches to caring for people with the disease. Barbara Auten, Executive Director of Alzheimer's Services of the Capital Area, is looking forward to the Keynote Address to be given by Dr. G. Allen Power at the 20th Annual Education Conference on Alzheimer's Disease: "Thinking  Outside the Medicine Bag: Alternative Approaches to Care for People with Alzheimer's."

Barbara Auten

Conversations in Medicine
2:31 pm
Thu March 7, 2013

LA Has The Highest Rate Of Diabetes In The U.S.

Diabetes has multiple complications. Among them are kidney failure, lower limb amputation, blindness and it is a major cause of Heart Disease & Stroke. Dr. Andriette Martin Fitch, with Ochsner on Harding Blvd in Baton Rouge, is personally involved in the areas of Diabetes & Hypertension. She sees patients daily who are not maintaining a healthy lifestyle and spends a great deal of her day sending out the message to both parents & children. Her message to parents, "If you don't want your children, your spouse or your family members to die of Hypertension or Diabetes, make a change in your diet and exercise daily."

Dr. Andriette Martin Fitch

Conversations in Medicine
9:39 am
Mon February 18, 2013

Psychologist Infuses Art Into Clinical Practice

Dr. Mary Kathryn Rodrigue is the owner and mental health therapist at the innovative The Wellness Studio in Baton Rouge.

Conversations in Medicine
3:07 pm
Sun January 27, 2013

Oral Surgeons Treat Far More Than Wisdom Teeth

Dr. Brian Dyess, oral and facial surgeon, finds that in today's dental culture, it is not unusual to find an oral surgeon, in his or her office, diagnosing and operating on patients who have very complex cases, such as, oral cancer from smoking, a jaw cyst or dental implants.

Conversations in Medicine
3:01 pm
Sun January 13, 2013

Health Case Management Training Program a Success

In 2011, EQHealth Solutions created a pilot coaching program for Peoples Health Members and Nurse Case Managers at East Jefferson General Hospital. The success of that pilot, led to the Medicare Advantage Organization selecting the Health Care Coordination Program to provide training support for all it's Nurse Case Managers network-wide starting in late 2012.

Conversations in Medicine
7:34 am
Sun December 30, 2012

Minority Bone Marrow Donations Encouraged

Thousands of minority patients with blood cancers like leukemia and other diseases like sickle cell depend on finding a bone marrow match to save their lives.

Renea Duffin, Vice-President for Cancer Support & Outreach at MBP-OLOL, is leading an effort to get more minorities registered as bone marrow donors in and around Baton Rouge.

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Conversations in Medicine
7:05 am
Sun December 23, 2012

With Louisiana's Spicy Food, Heartburn Can be a Problem

Acid reflux disease or chronic heartburn is diagnosed often in Louisiana due to our love of spicy food in the southern part of the state.

Gastroenterologist Dr. Greg Gaspard explains the effects of over-indulgence in crawfish etouffee he sees often in his Baton Rouge practice.

Conversations in Medicine
7:34 am
Sun December 16, 2012

Capital Area United Way

Capital Area United Way has been a support service in our community and beyond for many years.

Kendall C. Hebert, Senior Director of Communications and Marketing with Capital Area United Way in Baton Rouge.

Conversations in Medicine
7:04 am
Sun December 9, 2012

High-Risk Lung Cancer Screenings Arrive in Baton Rouge

In November, Mary Bird Perkins-Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center became the first in Baton Rouge to offer lung-cancer screenings to high-risk patients.

Administrator Linda Lee describes the new lung cancer screening program.

Conversations in Medicine
7:41 am
Sun December 2, 2012

Hit By a Stray Bullet

David Day's son 15-year-old Caleb was hit when shots were fired during a fight at the Mall of Louisiana in January 2012.

Day tells the story of his son's shooting.