Abortion Providers Face Looming Deadline for Admitting Privileges

Aug 13, 2014

A new law that could close every abortion clinic in south Louisiana goes into effect in less than three weeks, on Sept. 1. Clinics in Baton Rouge and New Orleans are fighting to stay open. 

Amy Irvin with the Center for Reproductive Rights says doctors at the endangered clinics have applied for admitting privileges, as the law requires. 

"We are waiting to hear back from hospitals as to whether they've been granted admitting privileges, so it's still very much a 'wait and see',"  Irvin said.

Courts in Mississippi and Alabama have struck down similar laws, and Irvin says a legal challenge here is still an option. 

"Certainly, there is some legal remedy that can be taken," Irvin continued. "CRR and local attorneys are having conversations about next steps." 

The new law won't close every clinic in the state. Two in the Shreveport area are expected to remain open.