Democrats Win One in Tiger Stadium

Apr 22, 2013

Democratic lawmakers claimed a small victory Sunday. But it wasn’t on the House floor. It was at the first annual Truce for the Troops Bowl.

Team Republican was confident during warm ups.

Republicans and Democrats are all smiles after the Truce for the Troops Bowl in Tiger Stadium.
Credit Kayla Reed

“Democrats don’t stand a chance of winning today,” said Rep. Joe Harrison.

Some of the players sported the appropriate practice shorts and cleats, but others hit the field in khaki shorts and sneakers.

With no tackling allowed, so Democratic Rep. Ted James predicted speed would be key.

“My strategy is just to have the quarterback throw it in the air and try to outrun some of these old guys," James said.

James caught the Democrats' first touchdown.

By halftime it was all tied up. The Republicans huddled up to devise a winning plan. But it was not to be.

The final score: Republicans 21, Democrats 28.  

With three representatives sustaining minor injuries, the competition could hardly be called a ‘truce’.

But the game raised more than $16,000 for troops and their families through Operation Homefront. Score.

Reporter Kayla Reed is a journalism student at LSU's Manship School of Mass Communication.