FRIDAY: Campaign Analyst Charlie Cook; La. Secretary of State Tom Schedler; SEC's Herb Vincent

Aug 15, 2014

Jim Engster is out and Jim Nickel is in as his guest host. Starting us out today as the first guest is Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report. He and Jim discuss who is running for Congress throughout the country come November, who is officially signing off to run, what will happen in the U.S. Senate and House come January 2015, and much, much more.

Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler joins us in the studio to discuss election season leading up to November 4th. He discusses when you can vote, where you can vote, how to vote early, how to vote absentee, how much it costs the state to conduct a statewide election, etc...

Associate Commissioner of Communications for the SEC Herb Vincent joins us over the phone to close out today's show. He discusses the new SEC channel, explains who owns it (which is a collaboration between SEC and ESPN), and much more.