Gardening trends, an end-of-the-year look

Dec 31, 2016

Credit LSU AgCenter

As we reach the new year, I thought a look at current trends in landscaping would be interesting. Technology and the age of communication are definitely changing the way we live, work, and garden. Gardeners will, with more ease and frequency than ever before, exchange ideas and be exposed to new concepts about how and why we garden.

How will these trends affect the plants we use and how we design with them and care for them? Outdoor living is becoming a primary focus. Our landscapes are more often being looked at as an extension of our homes and an area to live in and use, rather than just a pretty planting to look at.

Designing private and intimate spaces into the average American landscape is becoming more important as our fast-paced world creates an ever greater need for places to relax and enjoy a little quiet time.