Louisiana High School Athletics
10:40 am
Wed May 1, 2013

HS Football Playoff Controversy To Be Resolved Outside of Legislature

A bill filed in response to a decision by high school principals to change football post-season play has been voluntarily deferred.

In January, the Louisiana High School Athletic Association voted to separate football playoffs into one division for select admission schools – such as private and parochial schools – and another for non-select public schools.

Proponents of the split, mostly public schools, say it promotes equal competition and a fair playing field. Opponents argue it’s a form of segregation.

Rep. Bob Hensgens’ bill would have made it illegal for an organization to prohibit any school from participating in athletics based on its admissions criteria. But he told the House Education Committee on Wednesday the LHSAA would continue to work with lawmakers to come to a resolution without needing legislation.

Hensgens said he is unsure if there will be a resolution by the coming fall, which is when the changes will go into effect.