Jindal Orders School Safety Review

Jan 4, 2013

Gov. Bobby Jindal has called for a state officials to look at safety measures at Louisiana public and private schools, from pre-K through college.

The governor issued the executive order Friday in the wake of the mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school last month.

On the day of that shooting, State Police Col. Mike Edmonson, said his department immediately started talking about making sure they would be able to respond if something similar happened here.

“What’s most important in an incident like this is how quickly you respond and what you do when you get there. Let’s make sure there’s no barriers to keep us from getting there and let’s make sure there’s no barriers that exist that once we get there we don’t know what to do," Edmonson said.

The colonel will co-chair the study group that will include representatives from 13 agencies responsible for education, health, family services, emergency preparedness, and public safety in Louisiana.

The governor’s order asks the group to come up with recommendations for improvements at state agencies and any needed statutory changes in advance of the next legislative session that begins in April.