Jindal Shrugs Off Polls, Denies ALEC Association

Feb 14, 2013

Governor Jindal touched on many political topics, but also recounted his first Valentine's Day with his wife, Supriya Jindal.
Credit Gage Skidmore

Governor Bobby Jindal held an impromptu press conference at a ceremony at the Governor's Mansion honoring the longest-married couples in Louisiana on Valentine’s Day.

When reporters asked about the polls released by the Louisiana Medical Society and Public Policy Polling, which showed approval of the governor below 50 percent, Jindal shrugged off the numbers.

"The only polls I care about are BCS polls," Jindal said, "and I'm glad to see the Tigers ranked, again, high in the preseason polls.”

The governor is looking forward to releasing his budget next week and his tax reforms before the session.

His tax reform plans are suspected of being drawn from the conservative non-profit lobbying group ALEC, according to a national think tank.

The governor denied those accusations, saying his ideas are still being formulated. “We don’t have a proposal yet! Because I continue to meet – I made a commitment – I want to meet with every single legislator. We're getting thoughts and ideas from not only legislators, but also stakeholders. We won’t have a plan until we’re done with those meetings.”

The governor will need a two-thirds majority for any tax related proposals.

A legislative committee on the budget will hear Jindal’s plan next week. He reiterated that it won’t include federal Medicare Expansion funds.