Judge: Vouchers Can't Be Paid for in Formula for Public School Support

Nov 30, 2012

Gov. Bobby Jindal plans to appeal a court ruling against his school voucher program. Teachers unions and local school boards filed suit to stop them.

About 5,000 students from under-performing public schools enrolled at private and parochial schools this fall with a voucher.  

For each student, state funding is withheld from local districts.

Bill Maurer, a lawyer representing pro-voucher parents and groups, said if the judge’s ruling is upheld, public schools will lose an incentive to improve.

“Right now, we’re subsidizing failure," Maurer said Friday.

District Judge Tim Kelley ruled that the way that the voucher program is funded violates the state constitution.

Vouchers started in New Orleans in 2008 and were funded with a line item in the state budget without challenge.