Mayor Holden Wins Third Term

Nov 7, 2012

Melvin "Kip" Holden easily defeated three challengers Tuesday to win a third term as Mayor-President of Baton Rouge.

Kip Holden surrounded by supporters as he accepts a third term as mayor-president of East Baton Rouge.
Credit WRKF

Holden won with 60 percent of the vote. Mayor Pro Tem Mike Walker, Holden's toughest competitor in the race, came in a distant second with only 34 percent.

During his acceptance speech at the Crowne Plaza, Holden called Baton Rouge the greatest place in the world. But he said citizens need to take responsibility for problems plaguing the city-parish.

"It is now up to us, and I challenge each and every one of you to change Baton Rouge for the better," said Holden.

During his concession speech at the Marriott, Mike Walker reminded everyone he is still a councilman with a job to do.

"The mayor-president presented a budget that no one's had the opportunity to look at," said Walker. "And so this council - that still exists - is going to go through that budget over the next month and see what's in it and those will be major decisions for the next four years. And so I'll have a part in that."

The independent candidates who ran for mayor-president, Gordon Mese and Steve Myers, combined for 6 percent of the vote.