Name Recognition Key to Down Ballot Races

Nov 5, 2012

Many names follow Obama and Romney on the Nov. 6 ballot here in southeast Louisiana.

Eight candidates are running for the Supreme Court seat representing the Baton Rouge area. Most are little known, so LSU Political Science Professor Robert Hogan says the winner could be determined by who can afford the most yard signs.

“A lot of it does come down to name recognition. We see a lot of these signs in, around the parish with these people’s names on them and that’s how we become familiar with them,” Hogan says.

In the 6th Congressional District race, incumbent Republican Bill Cassidy is expected to win easily over his Libertarian and unaffiliated challengers. Hogan says Cassidy’s reelection efforts could also give him a boost in a possible run for Senate against Democrat Mary Landrieu in 2014.

“It gives him an excuse to put his signs out, to do forums, and get his name out there. People will therefore remember who he is in 2 years,” Hogan says.

This election has also allowed Cassidy to build up his war chest with fundraisers.