New Laws Impact Voting, Sex Offenders, School Vouchers

Dec 31, 2012

One of the state laws going into effect Jan. 1 provides tax rebates for donations to organizations that will pay private and parochial school tuition for students from low and moderate-income families wanting to escape under-performing public schools. The rebates come into play barely a month after a state judge ruled a similar voucher program couldn’t be paid for through the formula for funding public schools.

Louisianians will also be able to check boxes on their tax forms to designate resources to fighting fraud in the state’s food stamp program.

Beginning in 2013, polls will open at 7 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. for Saturday elections to give poll workers a break.

Propositions on the ballot must now be written in the form of a question no longer than 200 words long, half of what was allowed previously.

Another new law is aimed at keeping child sex offenders out of public libraries. Each library can tailor its own restrictions.