Officials Assure Lawmakers University Medical Center Is Fully Funded

May 28, 2013

Facility planning officials say the construction of University Medical Center in New Orleans is on time and on budget.

Senior Manager Tom Rish told the House Appropriations Committee Tuesday that construction is on schedule to be completed in 2015, despite a two-week set back due to Hurricane Isaac.

Taking note of the almost $150 million in uncommitted funds in the expenditure report, Committee Chairman Jim Fannin pressed Rish on the finances of the $1 billion project.   

"I had a commitment from you all when this thing started and I want to make sure our commitment is still there," said Fannin. "Are we still going to be able to complete this project with the dollars we committed early on to it?"

"Yes, sir, we have the money to build this facility," responded Rish.

Rish assured the committee that so far only $448 million, or 42-percent, of the project’s total budget has been spent.