One-on-One: Edwards Talks Traffic, Political Gridlock, and Transgressions

Dec 2, 2014

Edwards calls prospective voters Sept. 17, 2014.
Credit Debbie Elliott / NPR

This Saturday, Dec. 6, voters in the 6th District — from Baton Rouge to Houma — will select their next Congressman.

Garret Graves — Gov. Bobby Jindal’s former coastal chief — is in a runoff with Louisiana political legend Edwin Edwards.

Of the 26 times Edwards has been on a ballot, he’s only lost once, but he’s considered a longshot in this one. A recent poll has him down by more than 25 points.

But Edwards says he takes the projections with a grain of salt.  

Garret Graves, the frontrunner in the Congressional race, had accepted WRKF’s invitation for an interview but lost his voice. We hope to reschedule that interview before the election on Saturday.