Researchers Win Grant To Answer Questions About Universe

Oct 5, 2012

Two LSU researchers have won a $250,000 grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

They will use the money to answer questions about the origins of the universe. 

Parampreet Singh is an assistant professor with the LSU Department of Physics & Astronomy.

He and Peter Diener of the LSU Center for Computation and Technology, are looking to fill in specific gaps where Einstein's gravitational theory fails.

Singh said  to get answers to the fundamental questions about the origins of our universe, new theories must be discovered. 

"So for example, Einstein's theory was a theory beyond Newton's theory," said Singh. "Newton's theory described the fall of apple from the tree and the motion of earth around the sun, and was also very successful, but it had some limitations and Einstein was able to overcome those limitations."

Singh said  the money will go to purchasing special equipment and hiring a specialized researcher.

The John Templeton Foundation awarded more than $4-million in research grants to 20 scientists worldwide.