Sarah Silverman Loves America

Mar 6, 2018

When she first became famous, Sarah Silverman’s humor was in contrasts. She has a sunny, upbeat delivery for jokes that are as blue as a Sam Kinison act (speaking of, please be careful before clicking any links or hitting play on videos). Whether through standup, television or songs about spending time Matt Damon, Silverman hasn’t been afraid to be politically incorrect.

Now, she’s being political. But it’s not just jokes about politicians. Silverman is taking a new approach to understanding her country and all the people in it. Her new show, “I Love You, America” features honest conversations about our nation, conducted with the frankness of Silverman’s standup.

Silverman says this patriotic introspection was inspired by the election of President Donald Trump.

“What that did for me, made me stop and go, Oh, that’s how a whole bunch of people felt for eight years of Obama,” she told us. “And though I can’t relate to it on any level and don’t agree with it, I now understand the physical and emotional feeling of that because I feel it now. And if only that, I can relate on some level to people who I’ve never before been able to relate to.”

We talk to Silverman about changing her style and trying to relate.

“If we can be open enough to just recognize root feelings that we have in common, even if it’s about polar opposite things, I think that’s something.”

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