Supreme Court Rules Voucher Funding Unconstitutional

May 7, 2013

Louisiana’s Supreme Court has ruled that money reserved for public schools can’t be used to pay for private school tuition under the state constitution.

The 6-1 decision, handed down Tuesday, undermines the school voucher program that was a keystone of the education overhaul pushed through the legislature by Gov. Jindal last year.

In a written statement following the ruling, Jindal said the program is, “alive and well.” Nearly 5,000 students are enrolled at private schools through the voucher program. Roughly 8,000 students have been offered vouchers for next year.

The governor is vowing to continue funding vouchers in the state budget, which is currently being negotiated.

In light of the ruling, the governor will also have to find another way to pay for the “Course Choice” program, which is designed to allow public school students to take individual courses at private institutions.