Tax Rebate Proposals May Move to Odd Years

Feb 6, 2013

Louisiana lawmakers are limited to what topics they may consider when - one senator hopes his amendment would better categorize tax rebates.
Credit Jack Cox

State Sen. Dan Claitor wants to add tax rebates to the list of matters that can only be considered in odd-numbered years, when the constitution mandates lawmakers take up fiscal issues. Generally, even-numbered years are reserved for non-fiscal deliberations. The constitutional amendment would require two-thirds approval in the legislature and a vote of the people.

Tax exclusions, exemptions, deductions, credits, and refunds are already limited to fiscal years.

Last year the legislature established the Revenue Study Commission – a study group to examine the return of investment of each of the hundreds of rebates the state offers individuals and industries. Claitor has a seat on this commission. Their study is due out early next month.