Term Limits for EBR Parish School Board Members

Nov 7, 2012

East Baton Rouge Parish School Board members will now be limited to a maximum of 12 years in office.

A measure to impose term limits was approved in a landslide Tuesday with 75 percent of the vote.

Supporters like Daniel Nguyen say imposing term limits will help bring new talent and original ideas to the school board more often. 

"Our school system doesn't fair well with the surrounding parishes. I guess a fresh set of faces, minds, everything can kinda change it up," said Nguyen. "You don't want someone sitting there for so long and nothing happens, there's no progress. So I guess a little bit of change is better."

Opponents of the measure worry that institutional knowledge could be lost when school board members are forced out after 12 years. They also say the ballot box can already limit a board member's time in office.