Treasurer’s Race Ads (You Might Have Missed Them)

Oct 11, 2017

With a statewide election on Saturday, this would normally be the time the mute button on your TV remote becomes your best friend. This year, though, campaign commercials for the state Treasurer’s race have been few and far between.

With overall voter turnout predicted to be between 15 and 20% statewide, the race isn’t inspiring voters, campaign donors, or much creativity in the few ads that are out there.

Take slogans, for example. Republican State Senator Neil Riser has had his theme showcased on social media and his website, as well as including the words in a TV a.:

“Neil Riser is the most qualified to be Louisiana’s next State Treasurer,” a male announcer states.

Democrat Derrick Edwards’ only commercial goes there, too.

“Derrick Edwards is the most qualified State Treasurer candidate,” a female voice asserts.

Edwards, who had less than $700 on hand at the end of the last campaign reporting period, has only aired his commercial in the Lafayette market. Interestingly, it includes a plea for donations.

Republican Angele Davis, a prior Commissioner of Administration under former Governor Bobby Jindal, is hitching her star to the presidential wagon.

“Angele Davis stands with President Trump,” says the male voice in her initial ad, which closes with the statement, “Angele Davis: a Treasurer for taxpayers, not politicians.”

Her second ad reinforces that strategy.

“Sometimes, I don’t like the way President Trump says things,” Davis says, seated behind a desk, backed by windows overlooking the Mississippi River. “But the Trump agenda is right for our nation and state. It’s where I stand.”

Former State Representative John Schroder, also Republican , has spent the most on TV time  and production values.

“Louisiana is full of yes-men,” Schroder says, as highlighted newspaper headlines about legislative spending spin on and off the screen. “I’m John Schroder, and as your next State Treasurer, I will have the guts to say the word ‘no’.”

While that assertion doesn’t quite match up with the Treasurer’s job description, Schroder’s second ad is a standout – for its creativity.

Opening with  a party scene of  colored lights, dancing and throbbing music, a woman holding a wad of cash says, “Welcome to Louisiana!”, and then giggles. Partygoers pocket and flash even more cash, laughing over the fact that it’s “taxpayer money”. But then a vault door slams shut on the scene, and Schroder steps in to say, “If you’re tired of politicians having a party with your tax dollars, then you need to vote for me as your next State Treasurer. The party’s over.”

Not quite over, for after this Saturday’s election, a runoff is likely – on November 18th.