Voucher Ruling is In

Nov 30, 2012

State Judge Tim Kelley declared today that the way Louisiana lawmakers created the statewide private school voucher program was constitutional, but the way it was funded was not.

Kelley said the case had nothing to do with whether or not public funds can be used to support vouchers, but he said the state couldn’t do so through the public school funding formula known as the MFP.

The district court ruling is a victory for the teacher unions and school boards that want to stop the voucher program and others that would funnel money away from public schools.

Bill Maurer, a lawyer representing two parents with children in the voucher program and two pro-voucher groups, says the ruling will quickly be challenged in higher court.

Maurer doesn’t expect voucher students will be pulled from private schools immediately because the judge didn’t issue an injunction against the program.