WRKF Helps Me Discover New Music

Sep 4, 2014

Public radio is so much more than just talk.
WRKF Morning Edition Host Ann Marie Awad
Credit Kelly Tate

You know, sometimes I'll get in my car with someone, and I'll switch on the radio and go straight for the nearest public radio station and whoever I'm in the car with, they'll say something like "no, I want to listen to music!"

And that's just weird to me! Because I have found out about so much great music on NPR, on shows like Morning Edition or All Things Considered.

Take for example St. Paul and The Broken Bones.

There I am, right, just minding my own business, hosting Morning Edition and WHAM! This guy's voice hits me like a tidal wave!

I've probably listened to this album a million times since then. 

Another example - Neko Case. See, she's been one of my favorite singers for years, but I found out about her new album on NPR's website, and until I could get my hands on it, I kept going back to listen to it over and over and over again. 

And that's just a taste. Public radio is so much more than just talk - it's home to plenty of great music as well! 

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