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Fashion Gets Real

Sep 7, 2017

As Fashion Week kicks off, one hallmark of haute couture might be making its last pivot on some of the runways: super-thin models. The companies that own Christian Dior and Gucci have announced that their catwalk models must be larger than a size 0.

But is this a PR move or does it signal real reform in the fashion industry? And if the reform is real, is it a bold step in couture, or a reflection of changing attitudes about size?

Anticipating Irma

Sep 7, 2017

With winds in excess of 180 miles per hour, Hurricane Irma is one of the strongest Atlantic storms ever recorded.

Evacuations have begun in Florida as Irma hits eastern Caribbean islands and Puerto Rico.

Has America Lost Its Mind?

Sep 6, 2017

Journalist, author and radio host Kurt Andersen had an epiphany when he saw the first episode of “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central, more than ten years ago.

“Whoa, yes, I thought: exactly,” he writes.

Big Business Pushes Back On DACA

Sep 6, 2017

If the government wants to deport a Microsoft employee who has benefited from DACA, “it’s going to have to go through us to get that person,” Microsoft President Brad Smith told NPR.

A Nation Of Immigrants, 'A Nation Of Laws'

Sep 6, 2017

I do not favor punishing children, most of whom are now adults, for the actions of their parents. But we must also recognize that we are nation of opportunity because we are a nation of laws.

-President Donald Trump

Zoë Quinn On #Gamergate

Sep 5, 2017

You may have heard of Gamergate, the 2014 Internet … event that exposed much of the world to the sexism and abuse that are rampant in some corners of online culture. But what do you know about the woman who was at the center of it?

Game designer and programmer Zoë Quinn dealt with a barrage of hateful, violent trolling. And she survived. She tells the story in her new book, “Crash Override.”

Welcome Back, Congress

Sep 5, 2017

When we last left Congress, they were preparing to take an August recess without having passed any of the president’s key agenda items.

Friday News Roundup - International

Sep 1, 2017

North Korea’s latest missile test — this time over Japan — sparked a condemnation from the United Nations Security Council, and this tweet from President Trump.

Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Sep 1, 2017

Harvey dominated the news this week. What’s estimated to be the costliest storm ever dropped trillions of gallons of water on Texas and Louisiana, leaving Houston and many other cities badly flooded.

People who are growing up with smartphones are having less sex and drinking less alcohol than previous generations, some research indicates. Other studies also show this generation is more depressed, lonelier, more isolated and getting less sleep.

Psychologist Jean M. Twenge says these young consumers, a group she calls iGen, is “on the brink of a mental-health crisis.”