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Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Feb 16, 2018

One hour — or even 24 hours — might not be enough to wrap up this week’s news.

We’ll get the latest from Florida after a deadly school shooting. There have been the usual calls for thoughts and prayers, but at least one survivor has asked for something more.

Porn And The Teenage Brain

Feb 13, 2018

There is a lot of pornography on the internet. There are a lot of teenagers with smartphones. It seems obvious that teens would watch.

But maybe it isn’t.

On Sunday, April 15, 1990, TV history was made with the debut of the sketch comedy show “In Living Color.”

It was raw. It was offensive. It was hilarious.

But most of all, it was unapologetically black.

#MeToo's Next Step

Feb 13, 2018

In just a few months, the #MeToo movement has affected nearly every major institution and industry. It has led to the resignations or firings of men accused of sexual harassment, assault or misconduct in entertainment, government, the military, the church and various other institutions and fields. And it has had effects outside of the United States.

Friday News Roundup - International

Feb 9, 2018

In South Africa, they’ve started calling it Zexit: The country’s controversial president, Jacob Zuma, appears close to stepping down.

Meanwhile, the influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un steps up.

And pressure mounts to save thousands under siege in Syria.


Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Feb 9, 2018

It was a week of ups and downs.

Starting Monday, the Dow fell a lot, then rose a little, then fell, then, well … let’s see where it’s at when the show starts.

In the time of smartphones, checking a horoscope might seem as quaint as making a call. But technology has a new generation looking to the sky charts.

Mercury retrograde trends on Twitter. YouTubers analyze the stars. And hip publications keep astrologers on contract.

Politics On Parade

Feb 8, 2018

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has confirmed plans are being drawn up for a grand military parade at the request of President Trump.

Mattis said the move underlined the respect Trump has for those who serve the country in uniform. Earlier, Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin joined those who called the idea of a military parade “a fantastic waste of money,” especially if the aim was just to amuse the commander-in-chief.

Politics, Power And Patriotism ... On Ice!

Feb 8, 2018

There will be a lot of sports firsts at this year’s Olympic Winter Games:

About 100,000 Americans have sickle cell disease (formerly known as sickle cell anemia). Most of them are black. And many of them have faced challenges from the health care industry in getting their condition addressed.