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Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his former assistant Rick Gates have surrendered to law enforcement.

Manafort is facing a dozen charges, including conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to launder money.

Now that the first indictments have been issued, we look at what comes next in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Who's Watching Wall Street?

Oct 30, 2017

With guest host John Donvan.

It’s been nearly a decade since the financial crash that caused the Great Recession. In that time, the federal government stepped in to try to help stabilize the markets (remember those bank bailouts?) and shield consumers from negative effects by calling for companies to rein in bad practices.

Is The NCAA Equipped To Handle Scandals?

Oct 26, 2017

With guest host John Donvan.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is responsible for governing hundreds of thousands of students who compete in college-level sports.

But lately, the NCAA has come under fire for its handling of a massive bribery scandal that’s prompted a federal investigation into college basketball.


Oct 26, 2017

With guest host John Donvan.

We talked about the woes of the Democratic Party this week. Now we’ll talk about Republicans.

Things aren’t at all quiet across the aisle. Republican Senators Jeff Flake, John McCain and Bob Corker and former President George W. Bush have all been outspoken about the shift in their party’s tone and style under President Donald Trump.

50 Years of 60 Minutes

Oct 25, 2017

Even if you haven’t flipped past CBS on Sunday night in a while, you probably know this sound …

“60 Minutes” is more than a staple of the CBS lineup. The weekly newsmagazine is a journalistic and broadcasting institution. It has broken major stories, hosted some of the most distinguished journalists on TV, won 138 Emmys and 20 Peabody Awards and it has drawn in countless viewers.

Store No More: A Retail Reality Check

Oct 25, 2017

The retail industry is on shaky ground. Since 2001, department stores have lost 18 times more workers than coal mines have. Some of the biggest names are selling their prime real estate, or lying empty. Others are reinventing their consumer strategies to stay competitive with online sellers.

Can brick and mortar retail return?

Minnesota is a land of beautiful lakes and gorgeous landscapes. It’s a natural magnet to nature-seeking tourists. But the geology that created the wonder of the lakes also houses rich deposits of nickel, iron, copper and other valuable minerals. This has stirred a fierce debate over who these rare natural resources are for.

Mining these lakes could bring jobs. So can tourism. And demand for scenic vistas as well as copper will only increase as each becomes more rare.

Can The Democrats Get It Together?

Oct 24, 2017

It’s almost been a year since the presidential election left Democrats defeated and stunned.

Has the party recovered?

If Prince had been the only musician to have come out of Minneapolis, the city’s musical reputation would already be at legendary status.

The late, legendary Prince wasn’t just from Minnesota. He was of Minnesota. Even after achieving global stardom, Prince kept a presence in his hometown, establishing Paisley Park, a studio, creative space and musical mecca outside of Minneapolis.

White House chief of staff General John Kelly says America’s mission in Africa is clear.

“They’re helping those partners be better at fighting ISIS in Africa so we don’t have to send large numbers of troops.”

But after four soldiers were killed in a recent ambush attack in Niger, an investigation is underway into how and why they died.

What exactly are American troops doing in Africa today? And is it working?