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From selecting the right plants to proper watering techniques and dealing with pests, host Dan Gill delivers the information you need to garden successfully in Louisiana's unique climate.

Much Ado About Mulch

Apr 11, 2015
A variety of landscape mulches are evaluated at the LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station.
Allen Owings / LSU AgCenter

Mulching is an easy to do, labor-saving technique that all gardeners should be taking advantage of.


Gardeners often gripe about how difficult it is to grow plants in shady areas. The trouble mostly occurs when sun-loving plants are planted in the shade. Gardening in the shade can be and should be just as enjoyable as successful as gardening in sunnier areas.  

Spice Up Your Garden

Mar 21, 2015
Martin LaBar/flickr

Louisiana residents have appreciated the enjoyable qualities of spicy foods for generations. The fire in Louisiana cooking is provided primarily by the use of hot peppers or products made from them, like red pepper and hot sauce. A backyard vegetable garden wouldn't be complete without a few pepper plants both hot and sweet to pick from. 


It's time to start thinking about adding spring and early summer vegetables to your garden.

Is It Spring Yet?

Mar 7, 2015

Weather is unsettled and unpredictable this time of the year.

We often have days in the 70s in December, January and February right along with hard killing freezes.

When we look at this time of the year, the question from gardeners often is, "Well, when does Spring begin?"

And it sort of depends on how you define Spring. 


Almost every landscape has shady areas, and ferns are a great group of plants that are perfect for those shady spots. Early spring is an excellent time to plant ferns in a landscape; it allows them to settle in and establish before the heat of summer arrives. So, if you've got some shady areas and you think ferns would work there now is the time to get them in the ground. 

Bat guano fertilizer
Chiot's Run / Flickr

Fertilizers are something we think about a lot in February and March as many plants are beginning to wake up and beginning to grow.

Love in Blooms

Feb 14, 2015
Bleeding heart flower
Muffet / Wikimedia Commons

For Valentine's Day, there are plants including "hearts-bustin'-with-love", "bleeding hearts", "love in a puff", and "love lies bleeding", and the "love apple".

Mike Bitzenhofer / Flickr

When construction is done around an existing trees -- whether building a new home or repairing a driveway -- trees can be easily damaged.

This can be avoided if trees are properly protected.

Jerome Collins / Flickr

Keeping records can help make you a better gardener.