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From selecting the right plants to proper watering techniques and dealing with pests, host Dan Gill delivers the information you need to garden successfully in Louisiana's unique climate.



Bayou Garden
7:42 am
Sat February 23, 2013

Fertilizer: Vitamins for Plants

Bat guano fertilizer.
Credit Chiot's Run / Flickr

Plants get essential nutrients from the soil, but if they're in short supply fertilizer is the supplement.

Bayou Garden
6:53 am
Sat February 16, 2013

When Leaves Yellow, Your Plant Could Have a Fever

Yellow azalea leaves.
Credit Dendroica cerulea / Flickr

Yellow leaves and leaf drops are a rather ambiguous symptom in plants. A range of problems and normal cycles cause it. 

Bayou Garden
7:08 am
Sat February 9, 2013

Deciding Why You Want a Tree the First Step to Planting One

A shovel in the ground.
Credit Ville Misaki / Flickr

Now's the time to do it. The cool winter months are the best to plant trees.

Bayou Garden
7:11 am
Sat February 2, 2013

Let Sleeping Lawns Lie

Credit green.thumbs / Flickr

Lawns are still dormant now, so don't judge them too harshly. But you can tend to areas where grass has died out completely.

Bayou Garden
7:25 am
Sat January 26, 2013

Get Your Roses Planted Soon

A rose after the rain in Boutte, La.
Credit praline3001 / Flickr

Likely, there's no better loved flower than the rose. If you're thinking of planting some, now is a great time to do it.

Bayou Garden
7:36 am
Sat January 19, 2013

Follow the Long, Slimy Trail

A slug snacking.
Credit Christine Majul / Flickr

The rain brings out the snails and slugs. Dan Gill explains how to trap them in your garden.

Bayou Garden
6:53 am
Sat January 12, 2013

The Garden is Drowning

While you're singing, "Rain, Rain, Go Away," your plants are too.

Bayou Garden
7:47 am
Sat January 5, 2013

What Plants Eat

The scientific process of photosynthesis.
Credit At09kg / Wikimedia Commons

It's not soil or fertilizer that sustains plants, it's sunlight.

Bayou Garden
7:00 am
Sat December 29, 2012

Holiday Plants: To the Curb or in the Soil?

A Christmas cactus in bloom.
Credit Bill Kuffrey / Flickr

After the holidays, poinsettias and Christmas cactuses can still have life.

Dan Gill suggests options for recycling, and planting holiday plants.

Bayou Garden
7:20 am
Sat December 22, 2012

'Tis the Season for Pruning

Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteers demonstrate proper pruning techniques.
Credit Sharon Dowdy / University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Office of Communications and Technology Services

Winter is a great time of year to evaluate shrubs, trees, hedges, and foundation plantings for any needed pruning. But for spring-flowering plants, it's best to wait.

Dan Gill identifies what to prune now and what to prune in the summer.