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From selecting the right plants to proper watering techniques and dealing with pests, host Dan Gill delivers the information you need to garden successfully in Louisiana's unique climate.



Bayou Garden
6:53 am
Sat August 31, 2013

Bush Snap Beans, Broccoli, Parsnips and More!

This could be lunch.
Credit Jana Remy / Flickr

It's time to plant fall crops.

Bayou Garden
6:28 am
Sat August 24, 2013

What Can Go Wrong with Citrus.

Satsumas for sale.
Credit Ivan McClellan /

As fruit trees goes, citrus trees are pretty easy to take care of. But there are some challenges.

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Bayou Garden
6:45 am
Sat August 17, 2013

Don't Let Your Garden Be a Late Summer Eyesore

Credit / Flickr

Forlorn flower beds past their prime and overrun with weeds are an all too familiar sight this time of year. But it's not too hot to freshen up your garden with some new bedding plants.

Bayou Garden
6:40 am
Sat August 3, 2013

Spanish Moss: A Beauty, Not a Parasite

Rowing between some Spanish moss in a Louisiana bayou.
Credit jc.winkler / Flickr

The picturesque staple of the Louisiana landscape gets everything it needs from light, rainwater, and air.

Bayou Garden
6:37 am
Sat July 27, 2013

Something to Do with the Kids this Summer: Gardening

Credit Occidental Arts & Ecology Center

Introduce your kids to the joy of gardening and get them some exercise of their bodies and brains at the same time.

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Bayou Garden
6:29 am
Sat July 6, 2013

Caring for Crape Myrtles

White crape myrtle in bloom.
Credit Bernadette Bassett / Flickr

Although native to the Far East, crape myrtles are almost indispensable to the Southern landscape.

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Bayou Garden
6:25 am
Sat June 29, 2013

Caterpillars Are Everywhere!

Brightly banded Monarch caterpillars voraciously feed on their favorite host plant, Asclepias tuberose or Butterfly Weed.
Credit LSU Ag Center

Caterpillars seem to be especially abundant this summer.

Bayou Garden
6:27 am
Sat June 22, 2013

Garden Don'ts

Credit Bart Everson / Flickr

Don't nick young trees with the grass trimmer. Don't pile hills of mulch around them. Don't over-water.

Bayou Garden
6:22 am
Sat June 15, 2013

To Pick, or Not to Pick? That is the Question

Summer squash, fresh from the garden.
Credit Tim Sackton / Flickr

June is the peak month for harvesting early summer vegetables in south Louisiana. Harvesting at the right stage is essential to getting the best quality out of your garden.

Bayou Garden
6:51 am
Sat June 8, 2013

Craving Color

A Louisiana Black Gamecock iris in the garden.
Credit jacki-dee / Flickr

It's hard to resist grabbing one of everything at the nursery.