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From selecting the right plants to proper watering techniques and dealing with pests, host Dan Gill delivers the information you need to garden successfully in Louisiana's unique climate.



Bayou Garden
7:35 am
Sat December 15, 2012

Winter Garden Chores

Tools of the trade.
Credit Mike Carroll / Flickr

While the pace of things in the garden is slow, it's a good time to clean-up and repair tools and tuck plants in for cooler, wetter weather.

Dan Gill offers a winter gardening to-do list.

Bayou Garden
7:40 am
Sat December 8, 2012

Instead of the Curb, Fallen Leaves go in the Garden

Leaves in a homemade compost container.
Credit Knile / Flickr

Rather than sending it to the landfill, you can easily recycle the seasonal confetti as mulch or compost.

Dan Gill explains how to make "brown gold".

Bayou Garden
7:42 am
Sat December 1, 2012

Not Too Late to Plant Cool Season Bedding Plants

Pansies blooming in Shreveport, La.
Credit Will-travel

Cool season bedding plants thrive in the mild days and chilly nights during the fall, winter, and spring in Louisiana.

Dan Gill says now is the time to plant bedding plants to get a tremendous display of flowers in spring.

Bayou Garden
7:46 am
Sat November 24, 2012

Planting Hedges

A hedge of flowering honeysuckle.
Credit microwavedboy / Flickr

Hedges, created by planting a row of bushes or small trees, provide privacy, screening, and a backdrop for beds of colorful flowers.

Dan Gill explains how to get a hedge growing.

Bayou Garden
1:34 am
Sat November 17, 2012

Growing Amaryllises

An amaryllis blooming in Baton Rouge, La.
Credit Frank McMains

There are few spring flowering bulbs that can surpass the stately beauty of the amaryllis. Typically blooming in April in Louisiana, this popular bulb is a star performer in the spring garden.

Dan Gill explains how to plant and care for amaryllises in a Bayou Garden.

Bayou Garden
9:03 am
Fri November 16, 2012

Sweet Bay Magnolia, an Outstanding Native Tree

Sweet Bay Magnolia
Credit Jenny Evans

Fall is the best time to plant hearty trees in Louisiana.

Dan Gill describes why Sweet Bay Magnolias are a good pick.