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S. Lincoln

Need a job? The governor-elect is looking to hire some folks to work in his administration.

“We’re going to put the best government together that we can, and, I think, the best government the state’s ever had,” John Bel Edwards states, confidently.

The governor-elect’s transition team is taking applications via their website,

Sue Lincoln

It’s no secret that Governor-elect John Bel Edwards is not John White’s biggest fan.

“Obviously, it is not my desire that he stay as Superintendent, and I will make that known to the Board members,” Edwards told reporters last week.

But Edwards also realizes getting rid of White won’t be easy.

“It isn’t like on January the 11th, we walk into office, we flip that light switch and everything is different,” the governor-elect said.

Sue Lincoln

You open the refrigerator door to grab some milk, and you’re overwhelmed with leftovers from yesterday’s feast. 

Now that we’ve had some time to digest the election, Kevin Litten, political reporter with, joins me to inventory the election leftovers.

Litten says the meat of the feast had to have been the question of integrity.

“John Bel was so effective at making this case about character.”

Governor-Elect John ‘Bel’ Edwards has tapped Democratic State Senator Ben Nevers to coordinate his transition team and be the administration Chief of Staff. 

Sue Lincoln

Just because the election is over doesn’t mean all campaigning is at an end.

“It is not a time for us to become complacent, to let up, to get comfortable,” said Rev. Lee T. Wesley of Together Louisiana at a press conference Monday.

The statewide coalition of churches and community groups said they are pleased with the election of John Bel Edwards as governor, and they’re going do everything possible to help make the first of his campaign promises come true.