Teachers Let Students Imagine Gate Leads to Anywhere

May 29, 2013
Twin Oaks Elementary teachers pose with the old rusty red gate with the new playground behind them.
Nicole Walker

I volunteer for two reasons: to serve and to learn. One of my volunteering projects delivered a very unexpected lesson.

From Private School to Public, a Family Leaps

Mar 14, 2013

All but a handful of East Baton Rouge Parish public schools are labeled as poor performers by the state. That’s prompted exodus—individual students leaving the district through the private school voucher program; and a group in southeast Baton Rouge is trying to form a new breakaway district, taking with it some of the newer school buildings and a big chunk of the tax base.

But Commentator Carlos Thomas and his family are putting their faith in the parish school system.

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It's Easier to Buy a Gun than a Used Guitar

Feb 7, 2013
In Louisiana, the wait for a Glock 19 like this one can be just 30 minutes, while it's 30 days for a used guitar.
Keith LaFaille / Flickr

In a national poll released Thursday, Quinnipiac University found no significant voter opposition to background checks for all gun buyers.

It didn’t take long for commentator J. Cullens to pass the background check when he bought a gun in December.

But after the mass shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut, he’s not sure if buying a firearm in Louisiana should be so easy.

Nostalgic for Third Street, Not Jim Crow

Jan 16, 2013

I saw a photograph of Third Street in the 1940s posted on Facebook recently where many people posted comments of their fond memories of Third Street from those days.

I have fond memories of Third Street in the 1950s.