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Ben Jaffe
wikimedia.org User:Infrogmation CC BY-SA 2.0

Ben Jaffe is the owner and creative director at Preservation Hall, and head bass player with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. He grew up two blocks from Preservation Hall and his dad was previously the band's manager. Jaffe talks with us about the significance of this New Orleans institution.

New Orleans jazz singer Phillip Manuel discusses his career and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

Government watchdog and political blogger C.B. Forgotston (Forgotston.com) and Jim discuss goings on in the 2013 State Legislature.

Global thinker Dr. Keshore Mahbubani, with the University of Singapore, on his book, "The Global Convergence: Asia, The West And the Logic Of One World"

Jim talks with acclaimed food critic Michael Pollan about his book, "Cooked: A Natural History Of Transformation".