Angele Davis

Treasurer’s Race Ads (You Might Have Missed Them)

Oct 11, 2017

With a statewide election on Saturday, this would normally be the time the mute button on your TV remote becomes your best friend. This year, though, campaign commercials for the state Treasurer’s race have been few and far between.

With overall voter turnout predicted to be between 15 and 20% statewide, the race isn’t inspiring voters, campaign donors, or much creativity in the few ads that are out there.

  Dr. Nadia Brown, Associate Professor and African American Studies at Purdue, reflects on her book “Sisters in the Statehouse: Black Women and Legislative Decision Making.” Women and minorities remain distinct minorities in elected positions. Angele Davis, former Commissioner of Administration and candidate for Treasurer, comments on her campaign with the primary set for Oct. 14. This is the first of the interviews with the candidates. Elizabeth Crisp, Capitol Reporter for the Advocate, will discuss the race for treasurer the looming fiscal cliff that is now less than nine months away. 

Treasurer Candidates Quizzed

Sep 26, 2017
Sue Lincoln

While the Democratic candidate for State Treasurer – Derrick Edwards -- was a no-show, the three leading Republicans fielded reporters’ questions at the Baton Rouge Press Club Monday.

Since all of them have said they would pattern their term, if elected, on former treasurer John Kennedy’s “watchdog” persona, the first question was: what do you see as the Treasurer’s main role?

"Undecided" Leads in Treasurer's Race

Sep 20, 2017
Sue Lincoln

“Probably the majority of the electorate doesn’t even know the new state Treasurer will be selected on October 14th,” says Jeremy Alford of

The usual indicators of an imminent election aren’t there. Yard signs for local church fall fairs are more prevalent than those for the candidates.  Campaign ads on TV have been rare. 

Treasurer Hopefuls Campaigning for Endorsements

Sep 5, 2017
media commons

With Labor Day behind us, campaigning for the October 14th state Treasurer’s race should finally ramp up, though it’s been decidedly ho-hum so far.

U-L Monroe Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says there’s a good reason for that.

State Treasurer: It's Anybody's Race

Jul 25, 2017
media commons

Which of the seven candidates for state Treasurer will you pick on October 14th? If you’re like most Louisiana voters, you don’t have a clue.

“At this point, it truly is anybody’s race,” says John Couvillon of JMC Analytics.

Treasurer Candidates Envision Job As "Watchdog"

Jul 13, 2017
Sue Lincoln

Qualifying for the October 14th state Treasurer’s race began Wednesday, with three Republicans, one Democrat and one Libertarian signed onto the ballot thus far.