Barry Keim

Watching Harvey

8 hours ago
LSU Earth Scan Lab

We’re watching Harvey.  No, not the 1950 movie starring Jimmy Stewart, or even the LSU tiger re-christened Mike VII on Monday. This Harvey is the tropical system that fell apart in the Caribbean this past weekend and is now regenerating in the Gulf of Mexico.

Kirsten Roed

It began one year ago tonight.

“I don’t ever remember going an entire day where it didn’t at least stop raining for a little while,” state climatologist Barry Keim said, wonderingly. “It rained all night long. It rained every minute of the day. We had 32 straight continuous hours of rainfall.”

Hardest hit was the Livingston Parish town of Watson, home to state Representative Valarie Hodges.

Rick Portier

Now that it’s September, it’s official. State climatologist Barry Keim says August 2016 is Louisiana’s wettest August on record – due to the mid-month event that caused historic flooding.

Let It Snow

Dec 8, 2015
Louisiana State University

Louisiana isn't exactly known for its white winters. 

"We don’t get a lot of snow in north Louisiana," says state climatologist Barry Keim. "But we certainly get significantly more than in south Louisiana because of all the warm water we have available."

So what does it take to make flakes fall down here?