Jane Leavy joins us to discuss the death of Frank Deford. Deford delivered more than 1,600 commentaries on sports for NPR and was the author of "Everybody’s All American," which later became a movie filmed in Baton Rouge starring Billy Cannon as the "Grey Ghost."

Defored died this week at the age of 78.

Author Morgan Moltrop of New Orleans, a biographer of Andrew Jackson, compares America's 7th President to the current inhabitant of the White House. President Trump often praises President Jackson and accepts comparisons with the populist hero of the Battle of New Orleans. Some historians say the differences between the two men are profound.

Tara McGuiness, with the Center for American Progress Action, talks about recent statistics ranking Louisiana number one for gun violence.

A chat with 2013 LSU Alumnus Of The Year Larry Jones.

Author biographer Tom Folsom on his book, "Hopper: A Journey Into The American Dream", about the late actor Dennis Hopper.