Poet Donney Rose of Baton Rouge, the subject of criticism from U.S. Senator John Kennedy, talks about the BRAVE funding that allocated $7,500 for him to teach the joys of poetry to kids in the inner city.

East Baton Rouge Councilman Matt Watson talks about the expected Metro Council vote tonight on a smoking ban for bars and casinos. Wilson also addresses funding for the BRAVE program, now under review by the legislative auditor.

LSU Law professor Chris Tyson talks about preparations by President Donald Trump's Justice Department to examine affirmative action policies on college campuses.

Tyson also talks with us about the BRAVE program and where funding is going locally for violence prevention.


East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore comments on the increase in murders in the Capital region, the pending loss of funds for the BRAVE program to combat crime, and the fate of a notorious criminal Todd Wessinger, who had his death penalty reinstated by a court last week.

Social Influence as Crime Stopper

Feb 27, 2015

A couple of years ago, law enforcement in Baton Rouge decided to try a different approach to tackling violent crime.

The Baton Rouge Area Violence Elimination Project — or BRAVE — is premised by the idea that social influence can be a driver for amplifying or suppressing criminal behavior. That’s how Tracey Rizzuto — psychologist, researcher, and associate professor at LSU — got drawn into it.

She’s aiding the BRAVE project with social network analysis. And she’s going to be talking about her work tomorrow at TEDxLSU.