Comm. of Admin. Jay Dardenne

Just A Little Off The Top

Feb 16, 2017
Alyssa Eilers

After passing two budget cutting bills on to the House floor Wednesday, the House Appropriations Committee spent much of its meeting time today arguing a measure that was shot down in the Senate last year.

“Had we pulled the trigger on this last year, we would be $74,558,000 to the good, that we would not be looking for today,” House Speaker Taylor Barras said of his resolution.

Budget 101: Outgo

Jan 18, 2017
Sue Lincoln

Yesterday we looked at state income, as part of Budget 101. Today we’ll look at the outgo.

Where does Louisiana spend its $9-billion of State General Fund revenue?  Let’s begin with non-discretionary items. Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne says first and foremost, we pay our debts.

Special Session "Basically Inevitable"

Jan 16, 2017
Sue Lincoln

“Do I have any good news here I can give you?” Legislative Fiscal Analyst Greg Albrecht asked the Revenue Estimating Conference Friday.

“I am even more pessimistic than Greg,” said the Division of Administration's fiscal analyst, Manfred Dix, “So I don’t think the honorable panel wants to hear much what I have to say.”

Both knew the numbers they were giving weren’t what members of the budget forecasting panel wanted to hear.

Budget Balanced -- For Now

Dec 16, 2016
media commons

The Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget met Thursday to resolve the $313-million shortfall leftover from the past fiscal year.

Elephant In The Room: Inventory Tax

Sep 26, 2016
wikimedia commons

After a one month reprieve due to the flooding, the Tax Structure Task Force is preparing the draft of their report -- now due October first.  

Audio Pending...


Sep 19, 2016
screen shot by Sue Lincoln

When the administration said no to his requests for more money last month, Attorney General Jeff Landry didn’t like the answer, so he took his grievance to the legislature’s Joint Budget Committee last Friday.

Mark Carroll

When the state Bond Commission met Thursday, they voted to take out the governmental equivalent of a “payday loan”.

Flood Costs Keep Clouds in Place Over Louisiana

Aug 23, 2016
Mark Carroll

LSU Economist Dr. Jim Richardson issued an estimate Monday, saying it will be a year before Louisiana recovers and the economic impacts of this flood are fully known.

Update on State's Money Situation

Aug 9, 2016

Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne updated the Baton Rouge Press Club on the state’s money situation Monday, saying they’re still reconciling the books on the fiscal year that ended July first.

Last Day, Last Chance

Jun 23, 2016

This is the final day of the second special session, and it must end by midnight tonight.

“We’re going to ask you to come in for 9 a.m.; be prepared to stay the day,” Senate President John Alario warned the upper chamber last evening. “More than likely we’ll be in and out with some long recesses in between.”