Common Core

Eight of the eleven Board of Elementary and Secondary Education seats are up for election on October 24th. (The other three are appointed by Louisiana’s governor.) And while board members don’t get paid a penny for their service, big bucks are being invested in the race.

We’re far past the days when Huey Long won the governorship by promising free school textbooks for every child. Now it’s all about education reform. Where do today’s candidates stand?

“We label a lot of things in Louisiana ‘reform’, that don’t really offer or deliver much improvement,” says Democrat John Bel Edwards, who opposed the 2012 state education reforms, including school choice. The Republicans all support school choice.

Is Common Core College Prep?

Jun 22, 2015

The Common Core education standards have generated a lot of debate, and controversy.  

But that political noise can sometimes cloud the goal of the standards: to better prepare students for careers, and college.  

To wrap up the Southern Education Desk series on Common Core, from New Orleans, Nina Feldman examines whether the standards are meeting that goal.

Common Core: Rebranding and Review

Jun 19, 2015
Anna Davis of Picayune and her daughter Isabel doing everyday school work.
Paul Boger / MPB

The phrase “Common Core” has become toxic.

Some states have tried changing the name of the education standards. Others have dropped the standards altogether.

In this region, the Southern Education Desk finds another approach: asking the public to review the benchmarks for learning in reading and math.

Common Core: Opposition in Southern Statehouses

Jun 18, 2015
State Actions on Common Core in 2015
National Conference of State Legislatures

According to the National Conference of State Legislators, this year more than 730 Common Core bills were introduced across the country — including 21 state proposals for repeal.

Legislative sessions have just ended in many states, but mention the phrase “Common Core” in some circles and you’ll still strike up debate.

The Southern Education Desk is examining why Common Core is so controversial in this region, starting with a look at the roots of the opposition.