Gary Smith

Improving Riverboat Casinos

Jan 5, 2018
Sue Lincoln

They've been meeting for more than a year, but now the state's Riverboat Economic Development Task Force is preparing its recommendations for the upcoming legislative session.

Either, Or

Jun 15, 2016
Wikimedia Commons

The Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs committee took testimony Wednesday on a different idea from Republican Senator Rick Ward, making businesses choose which tax credits to give up.

"For that small group of businesses out there that receive the Industrial Tax Exemption along with the Inventory Tax Credit," explains Ward, "this bill [SB 10] seeks to really allow them to take one or the other.” 

Senators Wary of Another A.G. Power Play

Jun 1, 2016
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“We need this in state government. We know that there is a problem with fraud,” Shreveport Rep. Mike Johnson said Tuesday, urging members of the Senate’s Judiciary B Committee to advance H.B. 987. The bill would allow civil suits to recover government funds obtained by fraud.

It looks like the cost of a driver’s license is going up—but so is the length of time between renewals.

“The fee will be more, but it’s a six year fee, so over time it’ll be the same,” explains Franklin Foil.

The Baton Rouge representative authored the measure increasing both the cost and expiration dates for all Louisiana drivers’ licenses. A basic license, which now costs $21.50 and is good for four years, will be going up to $32.50, and will be valid for six years.