Greg Iles

Greg Iles

Best-selling author Greg Iles is a resident of Natchez. He has taken unsolved killings of black men in the South during the Civil Rights struggle to heart with his latest novel, "Mississippi Blood." We talk with Iles about his novel and the history behind it.

Greg Iles is out with his first book in five years, and critics and authors alike are praising his 790 page novel Natchez Burning​. The novel is the first installment in an epic trilogy that weaves crimes, lies, and secret past and present into a mesmerizing thriller featuring Southern mayor and former prosecutor Penn Cage.

Michael Waldman, president of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU, talks with Jim about his new book The Second Amendment: A Biography. A legal scholar on the history of the Constitutional right to bear arms, he argues that current gun laws are the result of political lobbying and distort the original intent of the Second Amendment.

Steven Bickmore is an assistant professor of English Education with a joint appointment in the School of Education and the English Department at LSU, and he talks with Jim about the upcoming week long Young Adult Literature Conference celebrating young adult literature authors and readers.