Writer Don Brown tells the story of Captain Jerry Yellin, now 93 years old, in his book, "The Last Fighter Pilot." Yellin flew a mission over Japan after World War II was over, but it was too late to inform Yellin that Japan had surrendered.

William O'Connor, senior writer for the Daily Beast, talks about the enduring legacy of Huey Long on the landscape of Baton Rouge. O'Connor's feature about the Old Governor's Mansion and its remarkable past is "Strippers, Insane Asylums, Assassination and Termites: Inside the Insane History of the World's Greatest White House Replica."


Lee Berger is a paleoanthropologist and is associated with the discovery of an ancestor to the modern human.

Juliette Brophy, LSU paleoanthropologist, explains to us her research that helped identify a newly-discovered human ancestor, the Homo Naledi. This new species was found in a 130-mile long narrow cave system in South Africa.

Sandra Knispel

In Mississippi, the Civil War still stirs emotions. It’s not so much that teachers disagree on how it should be taught, but that ongoing attempts by the University of Mississippi and several cities across the South to shed Confederate symbols have called up old ghosts. Sandra Knispel reports.

Historian John Neff, director of the University of Mississippi’s Center for Civil War Research, explains some of the history found right in the middle of the campus.

Jim Engster interviews LSU Professor of Psychology, Dr. Katie Cherry about tonight's speaking presentation by Auschwitz child prisoner and Dr. Mengele medical experiment twin survivor, Eva Mozes Kor who authored the book, "The Triumph of the Human Spirit, from Auschwitz to Forgiveness."   LSU History Professor, Dr. Karl Roider speaks of the escalating Crimean crisis in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin's role, and the various political responses and potential economic implications.  Baton Rouge trial attorney Yigal Bander talks about the recent arrest of his client Baker school teacher, Deborah Anderson for simple battery of a 13 year old student by Baker police.